“… If you are going to suggest that the occasional mass shooting is a necessary cost of freedom, …”

This is the most extraordinary sentence I’ve seen this week. (I’m maintaining a strict NRA-free diet).

I understand that you are laying out the realities, and thank-you for encapsulating the craziness in that pithy summation.

To consider one possible control sample Europe has been at the mercy of an ebb and flow of (caveat: low-level in the main) terrorism for generations, and mainly a reliable response to each incident has been a wise head to remind us that the one of the most important points to bear in mind is to not let the terrorists win. In their case, use of violence against innocents is indicative of the fundamental powerlessness of terrorists.

One of the subtle ways in which the terrorists win is trick their victims into making their governments crank up another notch on a ratchet of tyranny by eroding civil rights. We’ve seen this happen.

Q: are civil rights exactly equal to “freedom”? Dunno. Probably not in everyone’s viewpoint.

Another way in which the terrorists win is to trick people into living in fear.

We become our own jailers. One might rationally understand that they and their family are far better served by reducing carbs in their diet and stomping out those 10K steps per day, but instead they glance around fearfully on the way to work or at the museum.

We become our own jailers, policing out own actions and thoughts, and restricting ourselves and our capacity for unalloyed joy.

It seems that the tyranny of living in fear is very much winning in several places, and hasn’t fear always been the most effective and cost-efficient means of controlling a population?

What kind of freedom is left at all, if we are living in fear?

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