Some terrifically provoking (in a good way) proposals here.

I don’t see it as a calamity but even a paradigm shift that we are (apparently, more later) planning less effectively into the future.

What I do see is a long history of massive technical and intellectual prowess giving us the capacity to react automatically and effectively to the vicissitudes of life.

Flood gates, Thames barriers, hydro power, that Australian battery, the list goes on.

This represents the embodied intelligence of our Civilization, much like a week trained musician or athlete.

We don’t think too hard in advance, because the problem is “pre-solved” and we trust that when there is a contingency, it will be mitigated.

Once you are Bruce Lee, as it were, beyond mowing down hordes of minions, the only “upset' in the script is when you get to the boss fight: by definition.

Current “crises” like the western demographic bomb, climate change and inequality have been visible for generations on the horizon. In this case, we as a species expend considerable effort in not applying the same effective techniques to crushing those problems.

It’s irrational, but those were always going to be the blind spots that were filtered out.

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Person. blah blah about me ... WAIT CLIMATE CANCER WE CAN BEAT IT PEOPLE ... all opinions my own

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