I won a extra guitar on a 6:1 bet placed the evening before The Donald romped home on his electoral college rubber stamping.

We like to think Donald was the joke candidate who made it too far for the punchline to stay funny.

However, the GoP was happy to entertain quite the menagerie of wingnuts as potentials in 2012 and in 2008.

The only real thing to my mind that seems to have changed that the clichéd last minute switch to a more recognisably functioning human being simply did not happen that time.

Was there a sudden upwelling from the left field? I’m no expert, but let’s be honest, some of those faces (Stone!) are awfully familiar looking.

I don’t think what I’m saying undermines your thesis, BTW.

And you are not the first to bring up Japan in the context of recent developments.

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Person. blah blah about me ... WAIT CLIMATE CANCER WE CAN BEAT IT PEOPLE ... all opinions my own

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