Rather tastelessly, one of the arguments for a second referendum is that enough older Brexit voters have now died for Remain to get ahead in the polls, should no-one change their vote. Of course I enjoyed a dark little chuckle at that, but it’s not the most voter-friendly argument for a People’s Vote. And we don’t know who’s going to change their mind, and who isn’t.

I would argue this viewpoint isn’t tasteless at all: it’s pragmatic.
Setting aside any assumptions of whether “old people can’t change their minds / think critically”, it’s the counterpart of the disenfranchisement argument of the soon-to-be voters who missed out on the chance e referendum vote.

The electorate at any point in time, is comprised of its members.
It’s the civilised thing to assume the electorate has had 2 years to think things over and therefore might need to be consulted again. It’s also a tacit acknowledgement that there was a hell of a lot of bare faced lying from current and future cabinet ministers.

And more to the point, to dismiss the fact that membership and facts on the ground have changed opens the door to the infinitely potent blank cheque that Messrs Fox, Rees-Mogg would like to wield.

My view is that currently we are working on a mandate that was never proffered convincingly enough in the first place (“advisory”), and that has been abused* and mishandled**.

** amazingly everyone now agrees on this part
* less consensus on this one

Hence my “advice” is:

When You Are In a Hole, You Stop Digging

The Conservatives and particularly the ERG would ideally take it on the chin and admit: “OK we f***ed up” and cancel Article 50.

Sadly, those days are gone, of course.

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Person. blah blah about me ... WAIT CLIMATE CANCER WE CAN BEAT IT PEOPLE ... all opinions my own

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