Rachel, over all things this makes me saddest. I think you might already be aware that this is poignant.

I have a daughter, and I fret that although she is undoubtedly bright as you clearly are, maybe STEM will also leave her behind…

Question: are you*really* that bad at Math, is it Mathematics, was it the style you had to conform to?

Because I look at your article, and I see:

  • Structure (Math)
  • Logic (Math)
  • Progression of reasoning points (Math)
  • Hard data points A(Math)
  • Logical inferences made from the above (Math)
  • A skillful construction to final conclusion (Structure, hence Math)

Maybe I’m belabouring the point ;) but my personal bias is that I can see any organised work and ascribe some variant of Mathematical skill embedded therein.

Still think you’re bad at Math?

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