Problems We Do Not Have: Immigration.

Let’s start from first principles…

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An extreme close up. Whatever our problems are, it seems clear to me this is not the place to be looking…

About these thoughts

Time waits for no man

Full disclosure

What are we talking about?

Various Devices

Non — Problem #1 “Immigration”

With modern eyes and the benefit of hindsight, isn’t it absolutely extraordinary?

Immigration: the bottom line shows just how much a folly this is

Credible Sources

Let’s add in the “toxic component”

Let’s do something radical — by which I mean something obvious that is rarely done — and place these numbers into context:

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Magnitude of components of population change in context (i.e. deaths are positive and the sum of the pie does not show the net change)
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Total change in population in absolute context

That zoomed in section shows a span roughly equivalent to a population of 3 million — much larger than the population that of the UK’s second largest city — Birmingham.

I assert we need those extra people.


So, when is this “impending disaster” due?

I’m glad you asked.

Here’s the thing

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Looking at the next 10% increase seems like a good time frame…
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Extrapolating using the largest recent values for growth every year for over a century will lead to this. Maybe.

But you know, I’m sorry that’s life.

And perhaps it’s high time someone said it is *not* acceptable to complain about perfectly normal outcomes of numbers and instead we should learn to understand and deal with it.

Conclusions and Recommendations

NHS — this was recently accidentally re-organised oddly in the middle of attempting to recover from a man-made financial calamity

We’ve created this problem ourselves, haven’t we?

Undermining the education sector

Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

So, in summary: “don’t worry, be happy”


Because I believe the real news is actually good — it’s the spin that is the real evil here

Then we will see the news is good.

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