Ok, let’s take a look at that graph above — that’s a logarithmic scale, if I’m not mistaken.
Are we just looking at the log(t) plot, with some noise, and then letting the brain run away with itself, as it is wont to do?
I don’t know, but some simple stats. tests would tell me.
And that even before we get into why one should think a 1950 dollar should bear any meaningful global relationship to a 2010 dollar.

Alan Shepard played golf on the Moon in 1971, but in 2017 we can barely launch a man into low earth orbit

again, “we choose not to do these things, not because they’re hard, but because they’re a bit expensive and pointless right now”, to paraphrase JFK. There are plenty of people in LEO right now, and more to come it appears.

To take a stoical view: many of these other metrics, many of which I do not dispute the interpretation nor their predictive power are maybe should not be taken so seriously as they are.

However, to flip the table and proffer some interesting trends to support you though — the proportion of US citizens self medicating at a terrifying level, the trends in average life expectancy and quality adjusted life years etc.
These are items of real interest in this context.

Person. blah blah about me ... WAIT CLIMATE CANCER WE CAN BEAT IT PEOPLE ... all opinions my own

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