Made it to the end! Wow what an epic!

So, I secretly liked the conceits and simplifications and other manipulations in Inside Out, but my wife hated it.

This article made me think. Also I think someone started cutting onions next door.

I used to agonise, (like all new parents?) about something like The Dump.
We obsessively photographed and filmed innumerable trivial events of the early years that we would never properly categorise or re-watch.
In the meantime the buds of personality I told myself I could perceive in their early years in my children grew and evolved and disappointed me, and surprised me and made me proud.

I only have a normal human brain and so do my children: I can’t hold back the tidal wave of time sweeping away the memories of the simpler pleasures they used to enjoy, I guess I can only try to enjoy the shared journey in the here and now and do my best to nudge them toward knowing how to be fulfilled as the people they are this instant.

I wish you all the enjoyment possible in the magic early years — it’s a period that is all too brief. The poignant truth is that at the end you will be the only witness left with intact memories.

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