I was always a big fan of Kurt, and read this a long time ago.

Funnily enough I have had different takes over time: my main view is this satirises the tyranny of idiocy.

Looking at


I suspect Kurt is rotating languidly in his grave at the thought of being associated with a quote from Milton Friedman.

Kurt was far from perfect but I think he would have spotted the false dichotomy.

Equality of opportunity is often used as a fig leaf with which to sanitise flawed processes. It is of course BS unless and until it is proven to deliver.

Now, it can’t deliver the straw man of perfect, literal and precise equality of outcome because that is thankfully impossible and also not very smart.

Kurt is satirising exactly that mistake, I think.

However, let us remember that true Equality of opportunity is required to prove its bone fides by delivering some kind of appropriate outcome.

What that would look like exactly is not easy to define in a sound bite. But it’s easy to see what it what not look like, because sadly we see it all too often.

So, yes -in the spirit of your post’s call to action, yes let us not

“mistakenly pursue equality of outcome instead of trying to equalize equality of opportunity”

And let us work to ensure those opportunities are seen to be granted and seen to come to appropriate fruition for all.

I’ll drink to that.


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