“While there is essentially no reason that a liberal Brexit cannot happen in theory, in practice the gross incompetence of British politicians renders this impossible.”

Hi Jaim- first of all may I say — kudos to you for biting the bullet and re-examining your beliefs and very bravely sharing them.
We can do with a bit more of people acting honourably and with the best of intent.


I would counsel against more optimism, for now though. Brexit is at best a massive screw-up that will hurt the less advantaged the most. but we’ve survived Osborne budgets in the past (jk).

Your point on leadership is on target, and it seems the dirty little secret was that the UK had a lot of soft power, which of course has now entirely evaporated. Cancelling Brexit would be the only way to recover some of that.

My more cynical take is that a wilful misreading of democracy to be a fake “WillADaPeople” has been cynically exploited by a ragtag collection of opportunists, paleoconservatives and people who’ve had a hankering to be PM since they were children.

The opportunists perhaps come out of this looking the worst, as they really have judged a possible boost in personal fortunes against the well-being of at least millions.
And the PM was clearly always delusional:
* immigration to 10s of thousands?
* when it transpires the numbers were never even collected credibly?
* the irony is that this may come true (as the counting system will at least have to be upgraded)

However, it is the paleosceptics and their fellow travellers that concern me the most, as they have been behaving in a manner most unbecoming, to whit:
* accepting money from shady sources
* formenting intolerance
* spreading minisinformation
* I’m going to mention the lying on the campaign just once more time, lest we forget
inventing national policy on the hoof in cosy little coteries of the unelected and career long backbench agitators.

It’s astonishing, yet clear that for some factions, peace in Ireland could be easily thrown under the bus for the sake of creating the shining low tax city on the hill that some appear to be daydreaming about.

In conclusion my real concern is how this process is overturning (or accelerating that process?) the process of checks and balances in the British body politic.
I have to confess, it would seem that the rot seems to have started with Blair and continued with Cameron, so no-one is coming out of this smelling of roses.
Yet to see tiny groups binding the country to their crackpot schemes with apparently only wealthy private individuals and their lawyers able to divert their course is genuinely terrifying.

And that seems the most illiberal aspect of all.

Person. blah blah about me ... WAIT CLIMATE CANCER WE CAN BEAT IT PEOPLE ... all opinions my own

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