For a few pickups more…

Or, the Good, the Bad and the Crunchy

Sometimes, it’s all about the fit

So I may have somewhat hastily said the following

But, then sh*t happens..

And you get an opportunity to re-think.

In setting up two otherwise very similiar guitars to have a good playability etc., I could not help noticing how different they are*

* this is “muso different” I’m pretty sure most would rightly say — meh — they’re both good

And one conclusion I did come to was that the Seymour Duncans on that guitar seemed to conspire with the more mellow response of the guitar to come out a little dull.

Now, I’ve had some Max Frecknall pickups lying around since the 1990s, and used them at many a gig.

And I’ve upgraded them.

I had one of their siblings in the middle position and I had a hint that their voicing was a good match.

So, let’s get to work.

Image for post
Image for post
need to make some room
Image for post
Image for post
in the end, I settled for this
Image for post
Image for post
The relative pickup spacings

The way single coil pickups are installed into guitars is still mired in the late 80s, it seems.

Fortunately I am sceptical that massively fine adjustment in pickup height is required is required ( more on the great pickup height debate later ), as

Such as resonance, impedance, position and how multiple pickups are combined electrically.

So in this case: these are screwed into the guitar. The heights are … OK For Now, as we will hear later.

Hence, this is Fine


quick work through all the pickup combinations, showing how the whole sits together
How Does It Sound — many guitars

Personally, these pickups are a good fit — they have an inherent liveliness, and bring a distinctive Strat-like quack to the tones, which complements the bell-like acoustic response of the guitar.

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