Dell XPS 9360 with Ubuntu 17.10 Artful Aardvark

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Patrick Martin
4 min readDec 3, 2017


let’s throw in a baby Aardvark to pump up the cuteness…

Previously in this occasional series I had a look at Ubuntu 17.04 on the Dell XPS 9360

And in the following I summarised how happy I was with the operation of the Dell XPS 9360 with Windows / Ubuntu dual boot

Installing Ubuntu 17.10

Full Disclosure — given the issues last time, I took the easy route and accepted the upgrade manager’s request to update the distribution.

Ideally I would have gone for a full install from a live USB like last time, but this way I am assuming there is a higher success rate for upgrades than for installations as less changes need to made made and less assumptions would need to be put to the test. Hence there is perhaps chance to avoid having to rollback if the install fails to work.

Reading that back now tough, I see the reasoning is thin, as I know installing from scratch is cleaner and I have always avoided keeping important files / data on any machine without a backup. And in addition installations are super quick nowadays, especially on this kind of hardware.


Anyway, this time I seem to have got lucky (or upgrades work better than installations). Maybe I’ll try the full install some day once I’ve given the linux and Windows boots a full shakedown.

17.10 + neofetch output

In linux land

  • some dmesg output about firmware not downloadable — STILL THERE



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