Dell XPS 9360: PSA Booted out of Ubuntu

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Our saviour?

So, after a run of good news

It was eminently possible to set up a machine with a range of Ubuntu builds over the past year and more…

Now comes the bad news

I was about to post on how the clean install works for 17.10 and also make use of some python packages I can’t figure out how to get onto a sane Windows build, and … No Boot Menu.

I can confirm Dell BIOS 2.50 — a relatively recent update seems correlated with this issue.

I am seeing the exact same symptoms as reported in this link, hence the BIOS 2.4.2 looks like it should be avoided.

This problem is still ongoing, and no update to fix this — yet.

I’ve tinkered with the BIOS, and re-installed Grub and then the OS entirely — the problem re-occurs upon the first restart from Windows.

Good news and a temporary fix?

The files for the Ubuntu installation are still all perfectly safe, and if we could simply both that OS we would be fine.

A modified live USB which boots to the linux install would do that job.

I find F12 to get to the BIOS boot menu, and then important select the UEFI boot option for the USB drive in order to ensure the Ubuntu installation can be seen and used.

This is a solution that other people have been pursuing.

Further Reading

In the hope that throwing some reference material together with the problem, here’s a link.

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