The Analogue Device Noise Crisis** is only set to get worse…

Copper tape: it comes in varying sizes and vintages

There is a constant battle against noise

So, unless a humbucker or similar cancellation technique is used, there will always be pickup of some noise from that device.


However, there are plenty of other places where measures can be taken.

The basic principle is: all metal objects can become pickups for stray potential, and hence need to…

Avoid if you can, but Omicron really is “different, this time”

This guy…

As a rule I generally avoid infection by dangerous pathogens

We don’t need to recap the full suite of reasons here, but let’s just say that basically I don’t need to concede another win for the opposition, right?

However, it looks like there is no way to be careful enough to avoid this beast SARS-COV-2 Omicron. …

However, if you forget about the hum cancellation, you can get pretty close.

Photo by Dominik Scythe on Unsplash

So, let’s dispense with a few concerns out of the box

We’re going to be talking about the gross overall effect here and how to achieve it. The primary motivation for why will become apparent. There are many juicy details, but time and space do not permit to go into them, comprising of at least:

  • Do single coils and humbuckers sound…

… and there’s still no room to sit on the trains

Because no-one needs another real picture they can’t un-see as an example…

Welcome to the UK, where decisions about logical public health measures can be crowdsourced and rely upon people’s “individual freedoms and choices".

Meanwhile we are crammed into even smaller and less frequent trains in increasing numbers, because “return to normality"**.

No-one who has to is travelling on the trains and…

No-one voted to be poorer

I’m reminded that one reason that kept the UK death toll *only* at the world beating levels they hit was access to vaccines and…

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