With the old strings

No word of a lie — I needed The Big Paperclip

Just some older white dude. At least you can tell he’s smiling…

The Waning of ubiquitous masking

Well, I think we can all have a measured celebration about the slow removal of mask mandates from the world where vaccination has taken root. Albeit some of those removals are arguably premature and/or perverse, the trend is nonetheless that a threat to us all is generally receding in size and severity.

However, I have to confess to some chagrin at having to relinquish an unexpected superpower I acquired over the many pandemic months.

A greatly enhanced ability to emote.

Yes, those extra creases around the eyes have finally come in handy for something other than:

1. getting into pubs…

So, following up on the previous build.

Let’s test whether there are any measurable results, shall we?

Here they are: the odd squad.

Testing was done with playing an impulse through the monitors https://www.akaipro.com/rpm3 and recording with a condensor mic. https://www.audio-technica.com/en-gb/catalog/product/view/id/4010/s/at2035

The principle of emitting an impulse is that an even band of all the audio frequencies is emitted into the space and then the outcomes are recorded.
A perfect setup would look the same — good luck with that, by the way, and any sonic colouration due to reverberation across the reflective surfaces will be revealed. Resonances will result in peaks in frequencies and also a slow decay of that frequency. Anti-resonances…

A thousand skills to train at.

And of those, a thousand websites to train on those things.

But how do we know they are working for us? Progress is often slow or elusive.
Well you can measure yourself assiduously every day…

Or you can have faith in the process that worked for millions of others just like you — here’s my anecdote for the latter.

I decided I wanted to get better at something that I had always found useful, but never had trained at — detecting the components of musical noise — boomy 250Hz — hissy 6kHz etc.


All new strings; all freshly set-up and frets levelled and polished.

So, this guitar I have been working on for quite a while; it had promise, but some damage and disrepair.

I’ve previously had a go at the frets when I needed to.

In the previous episodes of the series, the previous setups have been relatively straightforward, required no fret dressing and mainly the aim is correcting any drift / bad choices and adapting the guitar for the next 6 months of temperature and humidity. This one was the boss fight, however.

Putting off the worst until last

With this guitar, as I was attempting to get the best setup, I…

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