And thanks to my government’s support I am happy to report…

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Photo by Alora Griffiths on Unsplash

So back in early 2020, when suddenly presented with a yawning vista of time at home stretching before me, I had a vague idea to get completely Swole while in lockdown. The tattoos would just have to wait ’til after.

That didn’t work out so well, despite months of confinement, although I did manage to avoid the COVID-19 “COVID 19 pounds".

Hence, here’s my heartfelt thanks to Boris and his “government of all the talentless”.

For so completely screwing up their pandemic response that I get indefinite extensions to lockdown. Note the adjective I used is “indefinite”, not “infinite”, but give it…

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Less chrome, more wood — very Scandi. Ignore the middle aged raver on the right.

“You said you wanted to commute less”

A statement from the Farmer’s Party about turkey communications

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Photo by ASHISH SHARMA from Pexels

Previous Messaging to turkeys has been unclear . We acknowledge that, and hands up, it was not helpful. The owner — turkey relationship has suffered and opportunities for arrangements of mutual benefit have gone sour as a consequence.

We’re sorry, and we aim to address that.

In the old story this proposition could be summed up thus:

"We think turkeys should vote for our proposed unspecified winter festival (that may include sumptuous meat based feasts and later, sandwhiches)”

I know: too long, too vague — “what’s in it for me” etc. etc. gobble, turkeys may well say.

Nevertheless, many turkeys voted for this, placing their faith in us. We intend to double down on this endorsement by continuing with our current plan of works, but this time being much more explicit. …

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… did you leave your ‘phone at home — Google

It’s not going to make much difference, as we know. But it seems fitting.

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There are many reasons to do this.

We’ve even had a look

TL;DR; position to a first approximation affects volume.

Nevertheless: one of the best reasons is simply to get the magnetic field from the pickup fully covering all six strings.

Oddly enough: the stock pickup for this guitar does not really have the best width for this bridge, so this arrangement should be an improvement.

The various types measured

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Photo by Cathy Mü on Unsplash — they’re not using vibrato yet, but I can see they’re thinking about it!

There are many types of vibrato.


We have to consider all cases in science — we’ll see there’s a reason I mention this.

“Classical” up and down

This is produced through changes in tension on the string on either side of the finger, by oscillating it over the string along the string length. More fingers apply more tension and result in a wider frequency excursion.

“Modern” side to side

It’s crystal clear how this works, but just for the record: we’re bending the string.

Technique 4: use the whammy tremolo bar

“When too much is never nough”

Technique 5: finger pressure (the other “up and down”)

I have personally experimented with this a long while back: you can very slightly vary the tension of the strings by pressing hard enough to force the strings to take a sharper angle over the frets. …

Yes I play Destiny and this is my favourite character — so judge me

Hive! Bring a sword!

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Image: Bungie

So, I got hooked on Destiny. My excuse is myelination.

Until recently the only character who would really resonate with me was of course, Cayde6. Why? Well of course the jovial robot super-ninja was just very engaging, and his slightly contrarian take was a refreshing spice to add to the melange of the game lore.

And even then his character (to be fair like all of the others) was woefully under-used, until his brutal **SPOILER**.

I can’t see that happening to The Drifter: he is the ultimate survivalist libertarian. Although with a hidden “Heart of Gold”?

I had almost a massive shock, when I learnt The Drifter (gasp) “does not make it”. … in an alternate timeline … well, we -hope- an alternate. …

There are always more rules of Unintended Consequences Club

We will see more and more of this

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We did not know what we were doing

For some, it was by design, a misguided stance formulated by grown men who nevertheless seemed to understand little about the giant economic bloc a few tens of miles away over the Channel.

For others, it was irrelevant whether or not they knew what they were doing.

Less than 50 days to go before the real consequences hit home

And it would appear the systems to enable the — as yet — unspecified new arrangements with the EU do not exist.

On a decades-long project these Ultras appear to be driven mainly by hunger for the spotlight and a fanatical reliance upon a set of simple beliefs that are held to have magical properties to overcome the realities of the physical world. …


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